Experience day 2014

As a newbie in the company, I never had the opportunity to take part in the experience day. At first I was intrigued by it, I didn’t really know what to expect.

Along the way I met more and more people, I heard a lot about it and got myself embarked in the organisation of it. This is a great opportunity, for everyone to be able to participate in an event that is, in my opinion the climax of the ctg calendar before the Halloween holidays and the Christmas period.

The result of a year of hard labour and intense preparation to get everyone on board of what looks to me like a giant team building event. The rare opportunity to talk to people from other branches within ctg. To get in touch with corporate people, men and women from the sponsors and colleagues you barely know because of the diversity of projects there are. The chance to learn from people with the knowledge and experience to get better at what you are doing. Listening to the speakers who have volunteered to get involved in this operation to make that day as valuable as possible.

To me, the ctg experience day seems to be the place that gives the chance to everyone present to talk about their worries, interests, and share opinions about the past, the present and the future. This day is an opportunity to look back on what has been achieved as well as a steppingstone for the next couple of years. I dare to use compare this day to what is known in the IT world as a ‘SharePoint’.

For sure I know the experience day of 2014, my first ever experience day, will be a success. Because I cognise that everyone involved in the organisation of this event, has put a lot of effort in to it. This is only the beginning of my experience, would to share a quote which I found appropriate:

« Experience is what you get when you didn’t get what you wanted. And experience is often the most valuable thing you have to offer. » Randy Pausch, ‘The Last Lecture’

Nicolas Decraemer

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Fast Reading Techniques

One of the presentations I'm looking forward to the most is "Fast Reading Techniques" by Inge Dauwe.

The reason is quite simple: in an era where Time Management and efficiency are so important to us, have you ever noticed how much you read? Every day we see mails, documents, manuals, websites pass before our eyes... What if you could optimize your most performed daily action?

In general, adults read at a speed between 200 and 250 words per minute, which is not much faster than a 12 year old. Most of us used to read faster: during the time we were students, because of the shear amount of literature (our study books) we had to repeatedly work through. Our brain was in great reading shape back then!

Inge will give us several tips that are (if you are willing to adapt) going to change your reading habits and improve your reading speed without losing comprehension. And of course: practice makes perfect!


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The best way to fully enjoy our Experience Day!

Of course, there are multiple ways to enjoy our IT event, but if you want to give it that extra dimension and really live it to the fullest, be extra special and gamify your experience, you might want to do it like me and “acronymize” your agenda…

Enterprise Mobility dominates the IT agenda: a hands-on session to introduce us into the world of unified device management.

X marks the spot, as do our guides: in between our regular sessions, we organize conference walks; guided tours through the landscape of IT automation solutions, Application Lifecycle Management, Service Virtualization and Service Management.

Partner Presentation - Microsoft - The new normal is Mobility: a session by one of our partners on Microsoft’s comprehensive enterprise mobility solutions.

Eating, drinking, networking, crowd sourcing, laughing, talking, … fueling up, very important as well!

Regression Vaccine: just what the doctor prescribed: not only a flue vaccination today, but also a case study on how regression testing is part of the cure when your software and your company is feeling hurt.

Ikki Toussen - Strength of a Thousand: following this session makes sure your business will still exist in 5 years!

Exploring the opportunities for open source Healthcare Application Integration: an overview will be presented of the opportunities, threats, strengths and weaknesses of using Mirth, an open source EAI platform within a hospital.

NANTHEALTH - Wisdom within reach by Mike Young, VP International Sales at Nanthealth.

Compass™ shows the direction your hospital is heading: Compass provides swift access to relevant policy information, crucial to proper hospital management - regarding both economy and quality - in today's fast-moving health sector.

Electronic Lab Notebooks in the bioanalytical laboratory: this presentation will provide an overview of the ELN landscape in regulated bioanalysis.

Dynamics CRM 2013 - Time to go Mobile: in this session Robin will show you how to go mobile with Dynamics CRM 2013 and look at the possibilities on how to take your system & data on the road, with a focus on Resco - the market-leading mobile CRM solution for Dynamics CRM.

A quick win with SharePoint Workflows: in this session Dieter will give you an insight in how to start creating workflows to automate SharePoint functionality. These workflows are very powerful and can make business processing much easier by automating file creation, task completion, and notifying stakeholders in a site.

Yes! The moment we have all been waiting for… our closing keynote: “Less is beautiful” by Cyriel Kortleven followed by a refreshing networking drink!

I know… Experience Day isn’t really an acronym and certainly not a game, but by the end of the day I will have enjoyed it to the fullest and I’m sure you will have as well, no matter how you lived it!

See you all on October 16th!


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What you know can hurt you

"What you know can hurt you". A title of one of the sessions at our Experience Day, presented by RC colleague Mark Hitchinson.

This is not Mark's first presentation. Luckily, since his session is programmed at the end of the day, which means that Marc will only be able to sit back and relax afterwards and of course, you need to be extremely alert to catch and keep people's attention as a presenter, since they might already be thinking about the networking cocktail and the social gathering that follows. If the preparation is OK, success is halfway there. And Mark is confident: he is very well prepared!


Mark will talk about his field experience. When I look at the title, I would say that knowledge is power, but this title makes me very curious and it made me start thinking: what is this presentation all about? Well, it's about data privacy awareness in a very broad sense. Are you interested too? Then don't hesitate: register for this session and we'll meet there! I wish Marc and everyone else who is presenting at XP the very best on stage! CU there!



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Next Gen Presentations

We have all been there. A presentation during a conference that looked really great on paper: that nice title and that abstract are what convinced you to attend that session. With a smile on your face you take your seat and as the speaker takes his place up front, you’re ready to learn something. Then, after the introduction, it hits you: slide after slide with just text and bullet points. As the presenter is just reading exactly what’s being projected, you look to your side but it’s too late : there is no way to escape anymore. You’re stuck there for the next hour or so, trying not to doze of… 

At CTG we have realized that besides having a strong subject and people that are masters in their field of knowledge, you also need to package your presentation in a way that positively distinguishes you from the mainstream! Next to the presentation trainings by Filip Muyllaert some of us have started using another weapon in the battle against boredom: Reveal.js.  

Reveal is a framework for making beautiful presentations in HTML(5). It’s based on CSS and Javascript and you can truly get stunning results. The outcome is that our slides are not only visually more attractive but also highly portable : they can be viewed in any modern browser, on any device : tablets and mobile phones included! And you don’t even have to be a coding guru to create them.  

Combining the knowledge and experience of our people with innovative technology and presentation techniques will not only keep you awake, but on the edge of your seat during the Experience Day! I’m looking forward to seeing you there!


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